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L  Tracking Upload Delays  
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Occasionally when customers try to track their package the same day it was shipped (often after receiving an e-mail from iShip), they will not receive any results. This is more likely to happen with UPS or USPS shipments, as opposed to FedEx shipments.

This problem occurs because the carrier's systems do not become aware of the package until the package data is uploaded. Package data is uploaded to the carrier either when it is first scanned at the carrier's sorting facility, or when the shipper (such as a UPS Store, UPS Customer Center, MBE, or a corporate mailroom) uses iShip to run the End of Day process.

Because these activities do not normally occur until late afternoon, it is not uncommon for the first tracking data to be unavailable until early evening. Try your tracking request later in the day and you will likely receive results.

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