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L  The UPS Store PSO Numbers  
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Some UPS Store (formerly Mail Boxes Etc.®) locations provide PSO (Parcel Shipping Order) numbers instead of iShip or carrier tracking numbers. PSO numbers cannot be used to track packages on iShip. To determine the status of the package with a PSO number, you will need to contact the UPS Store that originally shipped the package. They will be able to look the package up for you. However, if you have a PSO number and the package was shipped via UPS, you may be able to track the package using the "Track by Reference" on the UPS website. See below.

Track by Reference
  1. Go to the UPS Track by Reference page
  2. Enter the PSO number in the Reference Number field
  3. Enter the Date Range the package was shipped
  4. Enter the Destination Postal Code and Destination Country, if you know them
  5. Leave the UPS Account Number field blank
  6. Click the "Track" button

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