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Track It! with iShip, Inc. provides real time status of a package shipped with DHL, FedEx, or United Parcel Service. In the near future, iShip, Inc. will expand the base of carriers for Track It!

Carriers and manifest systems such as iShip, Inc. use tracking numbers to identify and trace packages as they move through the carrier's systems to their destinations. The shipper or the recipient uses this number to track, locate, and verify delivery of the package.

To track a package, type the carrier or iShip, Inc. tracking number in the Enter tracking number box, and then click the Submit button. Track It! will display the package's current status. If the package has been delivered, Track It! will report who signed for the package, its destination, and time of delivery.

If your package has not yet been delivered, Track It! can send an e-mail notification to you when the package is delivered. Type up to three e-mail addresses, and, optionally, a short e-mail message. Then click Submit. When the carrier delivers the package, iShip, Inc. will send an e-mail with a link to the most up-to-date package status.

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